A Story of Magic


Meet Fernanda


My name is Fernanda Faustino, I'm originally from Brazil and living in Tilburg (Netherlands) since January 2019.

I decided to create the Magic Spell Atelier after a burnout in 2020, when I lost myself, my confidence, and my connection with my spirituality. I found it again when connecting with other people (that are now good friends) that reminded me that I'm unique, and that we are not alone.

I then started a course in the Petit Lenormand Oracle Cards (also known as gipsy tarot). That alone opened up my intuition again. Short after that I learned how to connect with the universe and heal through the Radionic Table Therapy (see an explanation in the blog). I also learned Tarot Reading and Multidimensional Therapy.

But I wanted to help others in this path too. And that's how I started to make candles.

The candles have an intention, an energy to help my clients feel better and attract what they want.

The other products are not handmade, but they are not less important. An incense, a decoration piece, they can all help us create the external atmosphere to help us heal inside.

I hope you enjoy your magic journey!